International Projects


C1- 07 CEA (2010-2013)

Doped Titania based nanoparticles as elements of photovoltaic cells or bactericide elements. “NANOPHOB” (EN)

Nanoparticule pe baza de dioxid de Ti dopat cu aplicatii pentru celule fotovoltaice sau elemente bactericide. “NANOPHOB” (RO)

82 EU- FP 7 (2009-2013)

Advanced Magnetic nano-particles deliver smart Processes and Products for Life “MagPro²Life” (EN)

Producere de nanoparticule magnetice avansate in procese si produse inteligente pentru viata (RO)

BONSAI FP6-PROJECT (2006-2010)

BiO-imagiNg with Smart functionAl nanoparticles ”BONSAI”

NATO CLG PST 980587 (2004-2006)

Laser fabrication of Fe and γ-Fe2O3/ polymer nanocomposites of superior thermal stability (EN)

NATO SfP 774214 (2000-2004)

Carbon-ceramic composite materials for electrical engineering applications (EN)



„Synthesis and Characterization of Nanopowders For Biomedical Applications” with ENEA-Frascati, Roma (EN)

Swiss-Romanian SCOPE Project (funded by SNSF) 2006-2008

“Combinatorial libraries of TiO2-doped nanostructures for photocatalysis and solar cells” with the Department of Chemistry University of Basel (EN)

Member of the FP7 Technological Platform EuMAT (European Technology Platform for Advanced Engineering Materials and Technologies)