Project Name: Tin-based nanocomposites containing Fe, C and/or Si synthesized by laser pyrolysis for performant anodes in Li-ion batteries (EN)

Contract no . 209/2015

Project code: PN-II-RU-TE-2014-4-2834

Program: Human Resources

Project type: Research projects for the stimulation of the forming of young independent research teams

Project director: Dr. FLEACA Claudiu Teodor

Coordinator: National Institute for Lasers, Plasma, and Radiation Physics

Financing Authority: Executive Unit for Financing Higher Education, Research, Development and Innovation (UEFISCDI)

Project summary:

This project aims to obtain optimized tin-based nanocomposites using laser pyrolysis technique and to validate them as main component in performant anodes for Li-ion batteries. Combining Sn with other elements such as carbon, iron and/or silicon as mixed oxides, alloys, intermetallics, or as core-shell nanocomposites we hope to mitigate the drawbacks of pure tin (or silicon) materials which do not resist to multiple charge-discharge cycles due to pulverization induced by mechanical stress caused by a massive volume difference between unlithiated and lithiated form. The XRD, TEM, SEM, Raman analyzes of both raw nanoparticles and the materials resulted after anode cycling, corroborated with the Li-ion batteries specific electrochemical measurements will help to select the most peformant material and to optimize them in order to obtain an anode material with high capacity for energy storage which can withstand to a great number of charge-discharge cycles. As strategy of research, we will start with binary tin-containing nanopowders and, based on this experience and will continue with more complex ternary and cuaternary nanocomposites in order to maximize the chances to find the best combination from point of view of Li-ion batteries anode performances.

Phase I - 31.12.2015 (click here for phase scientific report)
Synthesis, characterization and testing as anodes for Li-ion batteries of binary
nanocomposites based on SnOx-Fe2O3
Value of phase: 90 000 lei

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Phase II - 31.12.2016 (click here for phase scientific report)
The synthesis, characterization and testing as anodes for Li-ion batteries of the Sn-based multicomponent nanocomposites
Value of phase: 221 193 lei

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Phase III
Dissemination 2017 Click on the name to view

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Fleaca Claudiu
Dumitrache Florian
Codruta Vlaic
Catalin Luculescu
Elena Dutu
Ana-Maria Niculescu
Alina Ilie